Be part of the gaming revolution with Selenean

The way in-game digital assets are created, owned and traded is currently being disrupted thanks to the blockchain technology. Selenean is here to facilitate the revolution.

What is Selenean

Selenean is a decentralized platform aiming to take blockchain-based collectible games to the next level. The main purpose of Selenean is to connect game developers, designers and artists along with players, digital asset collectors and traders into a single ecosystem that benefits all participants. We believe that this can be achieved with a fair and well-balanced incentive system based on the Ethereum smart contracts. Furthermore, Selenean offers a set of tools, guidelines and open source libraries that can be used to facilitate development of blockchain-based games.


Our Vision

Blockchain technology enables games with any kind of in-game assets to give players complete control over their digital belongings. A congestion of the Ethereum network caused by a certain kind of fuzzy animals in the late 2017 has demonstrated that such paradigm shift resonates with a lot of people and has a huge disruptive potential. We want to bring this expansion to the next level by empowering individual game developers as well as game studios to be able to easily integrate their existing products with the Ethereum blockchain or to build a completely new kind of decentralized games.


How does it work?

Unlike with traditional games, where all the value created from the newly minted in-game assets goes directly to the game owner, Selenean-based games will have a transparent, fair and decentralized value distribution system in place. To put it simply, imagine a collectible card game in which a player buys a card pack. For each of the cards in this pack, a chunk of the price that the was paid by the player gets distributed among game developers who came up with the card mechanics, an artist who drew the art for that particular card, a designer who created the card frame...


Benefits to all participants

Gamers and digital
asset traders get:

  • Full control over their digital assets
  • Ability to reuse owned assets in different games
  • A single sovereign player identity that can be used across various games

Game developers get:

  • Set of tools that facilitate blockchain-based game creation
  • Open source software such as state channel library, card pack framework and marketplace platform
  • Access to art collections and freelance artists as well as an exisitng player base

Artists and designers get:

  • Commission when digital assets with their art or design is minted or traded
  • Option to submit their existing artwork and wait for game developers to incorprate it into their games
  • Opportunities to participate in and win contests created by game developers


In order to demonstrate the potential of our ideas and the Selenean platform itself, we have created Cryptage Origins - a fully decentralized, browser-based, single player collectible game. Cryptage world is placed in the not too distant future where blockchain has become deeply integrated into human society. The goal of the game is to build your own blockchain venture using the assets that you collect along the way.

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We are in this for the long haul and we are not planning to have an ICO - period. As a team that cares deeply about blockchain technology, we think that another token is the last thing that blockchain ecosystem needs right now. We are actually not looking to profit from Selenean in any way.

We are not looking to build another walled garden platform either. Our ecosystem welcomes everyone who wants to participate and we plan to retain minimal control over the platform. Cheating or any other kind of malicious behavior will be disincentivized by the protocol itself.



Aleksa Stanković

Front-end Engineer

Mateja Trifunovski

Front-end Engineer

Nikola Vuković

Front-end Engineer

Nebojša Urošević

Blockchain Engineer

Nikola Klipa

Blockchain Engineer

Nenad Palinkašević

Blockchain Engineer

Andrej Cvoro


Miloš Milić

Product Manager

Nevena Janković

Office Manager

Pavle Batuta


Vukašin Stančević

UI/UX Designer

Nikola Mađarević

Software Engineer Intern

We are a team of entrepreneurs, developers and other creatives whose work is entirely dedicated to blockchain technology and decentralization movement in general. Functioning as a self-funded startup from Belgrade, Serbia, most of us have been part of the blockchain world for more than 2 years.